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On The Beach Of Frankston

On The Beach Of Frankston

        With pointed wings and short legs, seagulls fly low and make a landing on the foreshore at Frankston Beach. They mingle with beachgoers, and in groups, move around and play on the soft golden sand. They look for scraps. The squawking of the seagulls and the splashing of the waves produce that pleasant sound that soothes one's nerves. Even for a while.

        As one looks south, an arched foot bridge, with stainless steel as railings and timber as boardwalk, looms at a not too far distance. It is called Landmark Bridge, spanning a creek where boats and dinghies are berthed. Standing on this majestic bridge, one realizes he stands on a vantage point. He sees the blue waters of Port Phillip, the green lawns, the long pier, the long stretch of the foreshore and the hills of Franskston. He hears voices of men, women and children frolicking under the sun.

        And the pier, the lovely pier of Frankston, is one of the most photographed structures in the City of Frankston. People talk about it, of how they have caught a snapper or trout while fishing early in the morning. Or at anytime of the day. It does not matter. And at sundown, promenaders take delight viewing the red sun as it sets near the hills.

         The suburb of Frankston is part of the bigger City of Frankston. It is at the end of Metro Train's Frankston Line. It is the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, that popular tourist region offering fine beaches, scenic sights and natural wonders. Frankston, continuously progressing since its establishment in 1853 as a fishing village, continues to draw local and foreign tourists. The Frankston Beach and the surrounding areas have a firm hold to being the city's top tourist destination. No doubt about that.

- Konted
From Flinders Street Station, Metro train arrives at Frankston in about one hour.

The Frankston Train Station is on Young Street, right at the business center of Frankston.

The taxi stand and bus terminals are strategically located outside the train station of Frankston.

The beach of Frankston is within walking distance from the train station.

The suburb of Frankston is part of the big city of Frankston.

Restaurants, bars and other business establishments are clustered along the principal roads and side streets.

Try Frankston's Fish n Chips.

One of the many coffee shops in Frankston.

For a change, try chicken n chips, instead of fish n chips, at Best Legs on Young Street.

Selling pipe tobaccos, cigarettes and cigars.

Dirt bike specialists

One of several public toilets at Frankston

Wooden bridge over the Kakanook Creek

A reserve near the beach

The long boardwalk at Frankston Beach

The golden sands of Frankston Beach

Frankston is one of the top ten beaches of the State of Victoria.

Family bonding

Mother and daughter wade in the refreshing waters of Frankston Beach.

Frankston Life Saving Club

On a sunny day at Frankston Beach, beach goers take advantage of the sun.

A boat moored at Kananook Creek

One can go boating at Port Phillip Bay as there are boats for hire at Frankston.

The Landmark Bridge over Kananook Creek

Landmark Bridge is artistically designed.

View of Frankston Reserve from Landmark Bridge

A boat enters Kananook Creek after sailing at Port Phillip Bay.

The long pier of Frankston

Fishing enthusiasts frequent Frankston Pier.

Frankston Pier has been fortified through the efforts of concerned agencies.

A visit to Frankston Beach is not complete without a leisure walk on Frankston Pier.

Looking south of Frankston Beach

Olivers Hill  as viewed  from the pier.

Paddle boards are being readied,

Sofia's Restaurant near the waterfront

The lawns at the Pier Promenade

View of Landmark Bridge from the BBQ shelters

Seagulls frequent the green lawns near the Landmark Bridge.

Boat being pulled out of Kananook Creek after a long day at the bay.

With powerful engine

View of Landmark Bridge from the boat ramp at Kananook Creek

One can see sand sculpting exhibits here for a fee.

The Grand Hotel along Nepean Highway is an entertainment complex.

Live music at the Pier Hotel along Nepean Highway

The Deck is a pub near Frankston Beach.

Back at Frankston Train Station

Train bound for the city proper of Melbourne

Back at Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station