Tuesday, 10 December 2019

The 12 Apostles At Port Campbell

The 12 Apostles At Port Campbell

          Our trip to the Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell last Sunday was a long one, more or less 275 kilometers from Melbourne via The Great Ocean Road. It was a smooth ride with stunning views of the vast Bass Strait as we passed the towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay.

          It was my second time to visit The Twelve Apostles. The 12 Apostles are limestone stacks found on the shores of Port Campbell. They are called 12 Apostles but, in reality, there are only eight (8) with one stack collapsing several years ago on account of erosion caused by waves.

          Port Campbell is an old town in Victoria with a population of only 478 as of the latest count. It lays claim to the famed 12 Apostles with hundreds visiting the place on any given day. There are motels, hostels and restaurants at the town center.

          On our way back, we took the Port Campbell-Colac-Melbourne route, passing through scenic green fields with cows and horses grazing. The Land Rover Discovery was running fine as the selected route was shorter. By 4:30 pm we were at the City of Geelong which was the last leg of our 5-in-1 tour of northwest Victoria. I was still feeling sprightly with eagerness not being diminished.



Sunday, 17 November 2019

The Cross At Mount Macedon

The Cross At Mount Macedon

          I am shivering as I take shelter at a coffee shop near Major Mitchell Lookout. My two traveling companions follow suit. There is biting cold outside aggravated by strong winds.

          A few meters away is a huge cross standing firm and proud. It was built in memory of World War I heroes, of Australians who gave their lives for democracy.

          Built at the summit, the Mt. Macedon Memorial Cross stands 70 ft. high with concrete Wunderlich terracotta material and steel as foundation. It is surrounded mainly by tall Eucalyptus trees that have withstood blowing winds.

          The township of Mt.Macedon has jurisdiction over the Memorial Cross reserve. The town gained prominence during the gold rush in the 1800s with inns, bars, and supply depot sprouting. Today, what can be seen are garden estates, farms, wineries and grand homes of wealthy Melburnians.

          The harsh winds have passed. We are now making our descent. We see a bunch of cyclists making their way up. At the principal road, we see an old hotel, a church originally built in 1863 and a house with a vintage gasoline filler at the front. We are taking our own sweet time. Melbourne city proper is only 65 kms. away. There is enough time.



Sunday, 3 November 2019

The Royal Australian Air Force At Point Cook

The Royal Australian Air Force At Point Cook

A short note from Konted:

"It's good to be back, arriving at Tullamarine Airport at 1:30 AM the other day.

It is springtime and I can smell the fine scent of gum trees. 

People are getting ready for the much awaited MELBOURNE CUP on Tuesday. My bet is on #7.

Right now, I am with your mother and brother Alexander at Point Cook, viewing the past and present planes of the Royal Australian Air Force.

That's all for now. Be good, always."



Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Wedding At Caleruega

Wedding At Caleruega

* I have three sons, namely, Alex, Allen and Albert. They are my Aces. Alex married in 2004 while Allen got hitched in 2005. Albert, the youngest, tied the knot last June 7, 2019. I have played my last Ace. It's an Ace of Spade.

Pre-Nuptial Photo Shoot

          For setting, Albert and Monette wanted something rustic, a quiet place in the countryside. With a restored VW Beetle bought from a Canadian, they hied off to an obscure spot in the mountains of Tanay in Rizal province. In tow was professional photographer Don Tapan, son of former Philippine Airlines' well-known lens man George Tapan.

           To drum up interest to the forthcoming event, there was another teaser. This time, it was done at Bonifacio Global City. From the backwoods to the metropolis. Professional videographers Meg and Jane produced and directed. Picked background music was A Little More by Cody Fry.


Prep Shoot

          Prep shoot on the actual day of wedding was at Hill Creek. It was a practical choice. Occupying a vast tract of land with an abundance of tall trees at the nearby town of Alfonso in Cavite, Hill Creek is only 15 minutes away by car from site of wedding. Hill Creek offers swimming pools, rooms, pavilions and other function rooms. Don Tapan, again, did the photo shoot.

Wedding Rites at Caleruega

          Perched on a hill, Caleruega Chapel has a clear view of nearby Mount Batulao and the vast agricultural plains beneath it. It takes pride in having, in stained glass,The Transfiguration as background. Caleruega was built by the Dominican Fathers and was named after the serene town of Caleruega in Spain where St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order, was born. Because of its popularity as a wedding venue, it is advised that reservation should be made one year in advance.

Reception at The Pavilion

           As it is spacious and offers views of Hill Creek surroundings, The Pavilion was selected as venue for reception and subsequent program. With excellent sound system and fine air conditioning, smooth flow and comfort of guests were expected. For dinner, the menu included the following: Steak ala Pobre with Trufled Mushroom Sauce, Slow Roasted Pork Belly in Barbeque Sauce, Grilled Blue Marlin with Lemon Butter Sauce, 40 Cloves of Garlic Chicken, Lechon, etc.

Final Video

           Highlights of the momentous event were recorded and compressed in an almost 7 minutes of viewing. It was done, again, by Meg and Jane and first played during the reception at Hill Creek. It was done so well that it was considered as the clincher.