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The Left-Handers

The Left-Handers

              At first, I didn't know.  It was only through Audi and Jim Lanford that I learned that there is an International Left Handers Day and it falls on August 13 of each year. It is dedicated to all the left handers in the world. Because left handers comprise only a little percentage of the population worldwide, they are a minority.  Most are right handed and the world seems to be meant for right handers. Being right handed is the standard and being left handed is the unusual one. 

International Left-Handers' Day intends to promote awareness of the difficult situation most left-handers are in.  (oddcalendarpic; caption is mine)
Writing with the left hand is considered as unorthodox.

             We notice this in school where desks are for right handed students. Left handed students have to make that hook or semi loop to be able to write on the desk.  Oh, I remember my classmates Ben Jacinto and Eric Cammayo making the necessary adjustments. At the work place, left handed workers at a garment factory or at a shoe shop, have to contend with the scissors when cutting fabrics or cutting leather. They don't see the searing edge. Scissors are for the right handed. But these workers adjust well to the situation. The same is true with those who work with the computers.  Mouse is designed for the right handed. The old style slot machine is for right handers.

Desks are designed for right handed students.

Left handed workers don't see the shearing edge when cutting fabrics or leather. (shann.compic; caption is mine)

The old one-armed bandit is designed for the right handers. Today, slot machines have buttons. (uscasinorentalspic; caption is mine)

The manual can opener is for the right handed. (g'gle pic; caption is mine)
Lefties experience difficulty with the left click and the right click.

               Left handed are called lefties. A boxer or a baseball pitcher who is left handed is called a south paw.  When fighting or playing, he stands with the right foot forward. Many lefties have distinguished themselves in their respective fields, be it in politics, business or sports. They have excelled. Incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama, is left handed. Former President Bill Clinton is also a leftie. Bill Gates is left handed. Entertainers Ophrah Winfrey, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Keannu Reeves, Paul McCartney, Angelina Jolie, Robert de Niro and Robert Redford are all left handed.

Incumbent USA President Barack Obama signing documents. (wikia; caption is mine)

Former USA President Bill Clinton at the White House (wikia; caption is mine)

Tony Abbott is Australia's Prime Minister. (wikia; caption is mine)

 Napoleon Bonaparte was called "the Emperor of the French". His wife Josephine was left-handed too. (fanphobia; caption is mine)

Mugshot of the left-handed Bill Gates in 1977 when he was arrested for careless driving. (digitalspypic; caption is mine)

Bruce Willis of Die Hard fame (theage.compic; caption is mine)

Demi Moore starred in the film The Scarlet Letter, acting as Hester Prynne. Demi is left-handed. (g'gle pic; caption is mine)

Paul McCartney is known as the left-handed guitarist of The Beatles. (flametreepic; caption is mine)

Angelina Jolie is the highest paid movie actress, per Forbes Magazine. She is left-handed. (thewallpaperspic; caption is mine)

Robert de Niro played the role of the young Vito Corleone in Godfather Part II. He won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor  for that role. He won another Oscar for Best Actor in Raging Bull as boxer Jake LaMotta. (wikipic; caption is mine)

Robert Redford starred in films like The Great Gatsby, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Horse Whisperer. (weadiamediapic; caption is mine)

               It is in the field of sports that many left handed athletes have excelled and have earned the admiration of countless fans all over the world. 8-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is a southpaw. His powerful left has knocked the living daylights out of many opponents. Paeng Nepomuceno is a 6-time world bowling champion. World number two in tennis, Rafael Nadal, is left handed and his powerful forehand has continuously posed problems to top ranked Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Tennis ladies champion Petra Kvitova is a south paw. Multi-titled Manu Ginobili of NBA champions San Antonio Spurs is a leftie who easily penetrates the tight defense of opposing teams to score crucial points. Ace golfer Phil Mickelson is a leftie too. At the local front, left handed Allan Caidic, dubbed the Triggerman in his heyday, is one of PBA's 25 greatest players. Mike Bilbao had a prolific career, playing with De La Salle College, Tanduay, Beer Hausen and Mariwasa until he was permanently sidelined after a car crash. The list is long.  So many left handed persons have truly excelled in sports and other fields that they have created the impression that lefties are most likely to succeed in their line of work.  I, for one, am impressed.


Ricky Hatton is knocked out by Manny Pacquiao with a vicious left in Round 2 as referee Kenny Bayless halts the fight even without counting. .(theguardianpic; caption is mine)

Paeng Nepomuceno is perhaps one of the greatest Filipino athletes of all time. (wallpoperpic; caption is mine)

Rafael Nadal has won 14 Grand Slam titles. He is currently ranked number 2. (g'gle pic; caption is mine)

Petra Kvitova in action versus Italy's Marion Bartoli at the Rogers Cup in Montreal in 2012.  Kvitova won the Wimbledon Tennis championship in 2011 and 2014.  Kvitova is from the Czech Republic.(zimbiopic; caption is mine)

Manu Ginobili is a 12 yr NBA veteran. He has won four championship rings with the multi-titled San Antonio Spurs.  He is from Argentina. (g'gle pic; caption is mine)
Phil Mickelson has won The Masters in 2004, 2006 and 2010. He won The Open championship in 2013. He is left handed ONLY when playing golf. (golfdigestpic; caption is mine)

Allan Caidic holds the PBA all-time record for most 3 pt shots made. He played for University of the East, San Miguel and Great Taste. (spinpic; caption is mine)

Left-handed Mike Bilbao played for De La Salle College, Tanduay, Beer Hausen and Mariwasa.  He was a wily court general. (interbasketpic; caption is mine)

Shifty guard Willie Miller currently plays for Barako Bulls in the PBA. He has played with the Alaska Aces, Talk n Text, and Barangay Ginebra. (hoopnutpic; caption is mine)
Now a senior, left-handed Ben Jacinto can still beat much younger opponents in golf. He is an all-around athlete. 


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Barbra Streisand: One Of A Kind

Barbra Streisand:  One Of A Kind

          Barbra Streisand was in an all-white gown with the neck covered with fine fabric. There were some beads near the shoulders that glittered. Robin Williams did the opening act, all ad libs. Streisand had belted out four songs and all were warmly applauded. She paused, sipped tea and positioned herself on a stool. She looked at the audience, closed her eyes for a few seconds and started singing her 5th song for the night: "Isn't it rich, aren't we a pair?...Me here at last on the ground...You in mid-air...Send in the clowns...Isn't it bliss, don't you approve...One who keeps tearing around...One who can't move...Where are the clowns?....Send in the clowns."

Robin Williams performs the short opening act:  "I am $50 of the ticket price of $5,000."

With artificial smog as special stage effect, Streisand appears from the backstage, singing "Somewhere" to the thunderous applause of the crowd at her Malibu Ranch. (allaboutbarbrapic; caption is mine)

Streisand sings "Evergreen", theme song from the movie "A Star is Born":  "Love soft as an easy chair, love fresh as the morning air." The song garnered numerous awards for composers Streisand and Paul Williams.  The movie was a box office smash, earning $80,000,000. (article.wn pic; caption is mine)

Streisand's fifth song for the night, "Send in the Clowns", is perhaps the most poignant rendition of Sondheim's song. (shelf3dpic; caption is mine)

          Streisand was emoting, doing justice to Stephen Sondheim's song. She had that countenance that connected her easily to her viewers. The crowd was spellbound, captivated by a voice that was distinctively Streisand: "Just when I stopped opening doors...Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours...Making my entrance again with my usual flair...Sure of my lines no one is there." Many were teary eyed; some were holding back. For the song tells of lost love, of love that was not meant to be.

While singing Send in the Clowns, camera is focused on Barbra's face. She does it with feeling. Anything she expresses, it seems to come from the heart. She produces strong audience impact.  (barbrastreisandpic; caption is mine)

Streisand establishes rapport with the audience and then conveys the meaning of the song through good interpretation, superb voice quality and excellent facial expression. She connects with the audience at once and sustains it till the end of the show. (barbrastsreisandpic; caption is mine)
Holding back the tears
Another lady wiping her tears

        Barbra Streisand is Barbra Streisand. She is perhaps the most accomplished female singer of all time. All her albums were best sellers and all her concerts raked in money. For ten songs at a conference, for instance, she is paid more than $3 million. Streisand's net worth today is about $340 million. She is a kindhearted person who regularly donates millions to charities or foundations.

Streisand at home.  She is an authority in Interior Design. (thetelegraph pic; caption is mine)

Streisand's $13 million Malibu Mansion. She has donated this property to the State of California. (dailynewspic; caption is mine)

Streisand's Malibu property is overlooking the Pacific Ocean (zimbiopic; caption is mine)

Another shot of Streisand's Malibu Mansion (celebrityhomespic; caption is mine)

Beautiful landscaping at Streisand's vast Malibu Estate (urbansplatterpic; caption is mine)

A cozy place (urbansplatterpic; caption is mine)

(See video tour of Barbra Streisand's Malibu Ranch below)

          Streisand is a die-hard Democrat. She is identified with the Clinton Democrats. She helps in fund-raising activities. She expresses pro-environmental views and concerns. At 72, Streisand is still active and does not intend yet to rest on her laurels: 2 Academy Awards, 5 Emmy Awards, 8 Golden Globes, 3 People's Choice Awards, 2 Crystal Awards, 2 ASCAP Awards and many more. She plans to make duets albums with famous singers such as Michael Buble, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend, son Jason Gould and, yes, Elvis Presley.

Barbra sings "Evergreen" at President Clinton's Inaugural Gala. (nothingimpossiblepic; caption is mine)

Streisand introduces President Clinton at the Inaugural Gala. ( pic; caption is mine)

President Bill Clinton and Barbra Streisand at the Inaugural Gala (dailynewspic; caption is mine)

Barbra was nominated for Best Director for the movie "The Prince of Tides" in 1991. (nothingsimpossiblepic; caption is mine)

Barbra Streisand with husband James Brolin (zimbiopic; caption is mine)

Old photo shows Barbra Streisand with first husband Elliot Gould and son Jason. (wikipic; caption is mine)

Barbra wins the Grammy Living Legend Award. (nothingisimpossiblepic; caption is mine)

Streisand with son Jason Gould on board their customized black Ford Explorer (allaboutbarbrapic; caption is mine)

          Back to the concert. Her audience that night included Whitney Houston, Sheena Easton, Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Sydney Pollack, Jack Nicholson, Burt Bacharach, Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Barbara Walters, Hugh Hefner, Barbara Jordan and Sen. Allan Cranston, among others. They, too, were mesmerized. And Streisand, that precise moment, was dropping the coup de grace in dramatic fashion: 

"Don't you love farce? My fault I fear
I thought you would want what I want
Sorry my dear but where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns, quick send in the clowns." 

"What a surprise, who could foresee?
I've come to feel about you what you feel about me
Why only now when I see you've drifted away
What a surprise, what a cliche"

"Isn't it rich, isn't it queer?
Losing my timing this late in my career
And where are the clowns? Quick send in the clowns. 
Don't bother, they're here."

- Konted
Youtube Send In The Clowns:
Streisand in her best element that night. (akosupafepic; caption is mine)

Streisand singing with the BeeGees' Barry Gibb, "Guilty" and "What Kind of Fool". Barry Gibb composed the song "Guilty" for Streisand's album which won a Grammy Award.(yourepeatpic; caption is mine)

Another Streisand signature song:  "The Way We Were". (pinterestpic; caption is mine)

The concert One Voice held at Streisand's Malibu Ranch in California.