Sunday, 17 November 2019

The Cross At Mount Macedon

The Cross At Mount Macedon

          I am shivering as I take shelter at a coffee shop near Major Mitchell Lookout. My two traveling companions follow suit. There is biting cold outside aggravated by strong winds.

          A few meters away is a huge cross standing firm and proud. It was built in memory of World War I heroes, of Australians who gave their lives for democracy.

          Built at the summit, the Mt. Macedon Memorial Cross stands 70 ft. high with concrete Wunderlich terracotta material and steel as foundation. It is surrounded mainly by tall Eucalyptus trees that have withstood blowing winds.

          The township of Mt.Macedon has jurisdiction over the Memorial Cross reserve. The town gained prominence during the gold rush in the 1800s with inns, bars, and supply depot sprouting. Today, what can be seen are garden estates, farms, wineries and grand homes of wealthy Melburnians.

          The harsh winds have passed. We are now making our descent. We see a bunch of cyclists making their way up. At the principal road, we see an old hotel, a church originally built in 1863 and a house with a vintage gasoline filler at the front. We are taking our own sweet time. Melbourne city proper is only 65 kms. away. There is enough time.



Sunday, 3 November 2019

The Royal Australian Air Force At Point Cook

The Royal Australian Air Force At Point Cook

A short note from Konted:

"It's good to be back, arriving at Tullamarine Airport at 1:30 AM the other day.

It is springtime and I can smell the fine scent of gum trees. 

People are getting ready for the much awaited MELBOURNE CUP on Tuesday. My bet is on #7.

Right now, I am with your mother and brother Alexander at Point Cook, viewing the past and present planes of the Royal Australian Air Force.

That's all for now. Be good, always."