Monday, 30 November 2015

Baguio City RevisitedI

Baguio City Revisited

        There were lights. And they were lights beaming from the headlamps of vehicles passing through Session Road. I was looking for neon signs of cafes, bars and restos I used to frequent in the old days. They were hangouts where one could play darts, listen to folk songs and drink a few bottles of San Miguel. Unfortunately, most of them had closed shop with fast food chains taking over. It was past 9 pm and most parts of Session Road were dimly lit. 

         The next day, I was haggling with the boatman at the man-made lagoon at Burnham Park. Burnham Park is now enclosed in steel fences. He was saying that rental fee for a flat top boat was P150 per 1/2 hour. He would do the rowing. Chewing bethel nut, he spit it out and then presented another option: Pay only P100 and ride the boat as long as you want but passengers will row. I picked the first proposal.

         Several hours later, we were at Mines View Park. This is located northeast of Baguio City with a view of the old mining quarries of Itogon. But the place has become too commercialized. On the way to the gazebo at the ridge of the park, noticeable were vendors selling food items, stalls selling souvenir knick knacks and booths offering plants and flowers. Handlers of two white horses with pink manes and pink tails were making money as visitors mounted their horses for souvenir shots. A few meters away were two St. Bernard dogs with the owners being enterprising as well. With a festive atmosphere like that, it was anything goes at Mines View Park. Anya ti kayat mo, manong?

- Konted

The Main Gate at the north section of Burnham Park facing Baguio City Hall

The Rose Garden at Burnham Park

At the Rose Garden

Daisy Marguerite Flowers 

Bust of architect Daniel Burnham who was tasked by the Americans to prepare a master plan for the development of Baguio City. The park was named after him.

The man-made lagoon at Burnham Park

The Lagoon is 8 ft. deep.
Burnham Park is the most popular park in Baguio City.

The rectangular pond at Wright Park facing The Mansion
The Mansion is just across Wright Park. It is the official residence of  the President of the Philippines in Baguio City.

Horses ar the Riding Circle at Wright Park

Young girl mounts a white horse with pink mane for a souvenir shot at Wright Park.

The gazebo at The Ridge overlooking the mining quarries of Itogon

Another white horse with pink mane and pink tail at Mines View Park. You can ride the horse for a souvenir shot for P20.

White horses with pink manes and pink tails? Only in Baguio City.

Visitors can pose with this St.Bernard dog for a fee.

Sweet Strawberries at Mines View Park
The Everlasting


Other flowers being sold at Mines View Park

Brooms for sale at Mines View Park. 

Sweet corn

Strawberry Taho

Key chains and other knick knacks

Sweaters, t-shirts,blankets, etc.
Senior highlanders in huddle at the nearby Imelda Park. You can pose with them for a fee.

At Baguio City Public Market

At Baguio City Public Market

Strawberries at Baguio City Public Market