Friday, 28 November 2014

Silverwater Resort: One Fine Resort

Silverwater Resort: One Fine Resort

          I am sitting in an armchair at the balcony overlooking the azure waters of Western Port. A Magpie bird, usually sedentary but sometimes confrontational, perches on the stainless railing. Several other birds are chirping as tree branches sway a little bit. The gentle breeze caresses my face. There is early morning rustling. I can hear it through my Phonak. Though partly cloudy, the sun peeps from time to time. Oh, I smell bacon.

View of Western Port from the balcony

Part of San Remo's rolling hills

Another view of Western Port

Magpie bird

Magpie about to take off

Farm-fresh eggs

Delicious bacon

Green peas with corn

 Fish Fillet with garlic

           Nestled at Potters Hill, at the rolling hills of San Remo, Silverwater Resort is a 5-star apartment-style vacation dwelling. Occupying a vast tract of land, Silverwater offers rest and recreation. Guests have choices as to where to stay. They may opt to take the Hillside units with a commanding view of Western Port, or the Lakeside apartments, the Pinesview units or the Village Green and Parkland units.
Entrance to Silverwater Resort at Potters Hill

Pinesview units

Parkland units

Village Green

Hillside units

One unit at Hillside

Lakeside units

The administrative office and the restaurant with a magnificent view of the bay

           Silverwater Resort has facilities to ensure that guests enjoy their stay. There is an indoor heated pool and another pool where guests can sunbathe. There are two standard tennis courts, a basketball court and a big playground. There is a fitness gym near the pool. There is also a game room.
Entrance to the reception office where guests register

The lobby and the front office

Watermark Restaurant

Indoor heated swimming pool

Just the right amount of heat

Another pool at Silverwater Resort

Fitness gym

Two tennis courts

Standard basketball court

Jumping pillow

Safe playground

           While there is a first class restaurant near the lobby, guests can bring in food or they may cook as the kitchen is equipped with almost everything - refrigerator, microwave, big oven, toaster and other items guests may need. At Silverwater, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms per unit. Guests can request for a smaller unit.
Fully furnished

Complete kitchen equipment and utensils

Clear glass panels with a commanding view of the bay

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3

           It is now mid afternoon. I have been spending time just gazing and gazing around, what with a picturesque view. I sometimes take a nap. But I make sure that I don't oversleep. I make sure that I don't sleep the sleep of the drunk. That will be a waste of precious time. I surely will be missing a lot.
Bridge connecting the Hillside units to the Parkland units

Riders take a rest.

Pack up, pack up...

           I see hundreds of cars heading towards Phillip Island. For surfing, fishing, enjoying the stunning views of the rugged coastline and visiting other interesting places. In a few minutes, I am heading to the town of Cowes at Phillip Island. There are boat cruises there. Then I'll spend some time walking around and taking pictures. I am enjoying my stay here at Silverwater Resort.

- Konted

Silverwater Resort is 119 kilometers away from Melbourne. You turn left after this road signage.

The view of Western Port from the highway of San Remo

A farm in San Remo

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Town Of San Remo

The Town Of San Remo

         In the early days, it was known as Griffiths Point as it lies at the tip of the Anderson Peninsula. But when many early European settlers and travelers began to notice its close resemblance to the town of San Remo in Italy, authorities changed its name to San Remo. The similarity is in the climate, with mild winters and light winds. With gentle breeze blowing off the waters of Western Port, many have taken a liking to it and have kept coming back.

The long concrete bridge at San Remo that connects the mainland to Phillip Island.

Bench with a good view of the long bridge and the jetty.

Friendly seagulls following me wherever I go.

         San Remo is a quiet fishing village in the South Gippsland Region, about 116 kms away from Melbourne. It is the last town before travelers cross the long concrete bridge to the famed Phillip Island. As such, it is the gateway to Phillip Island. One has to pass through San Remo before traveling to the towns of New Haven, Rhyll, Cowes and the nearby Churchill Island.

Monument dedicated to local fishermen who perished while fishing in the open sea.


Those who perished. They are always remembered and are considered as local heroes.

         While residents of San Remo continue to engage in fishing and consistently supply fish to Melbourne City and suburbs, there has been a decline in the quantity of fish haul as some of its fishing vessels no longer ply the open sea. Nonetheless, there is still a fish port near the bridge where one can negotiate with the fishermen of San Remo. Fishing vessels are docked at the town's jetty when taking a break from commercial fishing. There is also a cooperative at the town center where one can buy fresh seafood items such as crays and prawns.

San Remo's jetty near the long bridge

There are boats for hire.

Cooperative selling fresh seafood items

Serving battered and fried fish with fries.

         San Remo, in recent years, has relied heavily on its tourism program. And it is succeeding. With thousands heading towards Phillip Island for the weekends and long holidays, San Remo has fine hotels, motels and other inns for the weary travelers. Tourists use San Remo as their base as they explore and enjoy the attractions offered by Phillip Island and Churchill Island.

The park at San Remo. Just by walking around the park, visitors learn more about the town of San Remo. There is an illustration board at the park depicting the town's brief history.

Free use of grills at the picnic ground

For promenaders

San Remo's well-maintained children's playground

San Remo Hotel & Motel at the town center

Western Port Hotel

Stores at the town center

A Chinese restaurant at San Remo

Gasoline station located along the national road of San Remo

         Almost everyday at 12 noon, hundreds motor to San Remo to watch the town's "Show of the Pelicans" where pelicans arrive in one big group at the foreshore near the jetty for their daily supply of fish. This has become a top tourist attraction. After watching the feeding, visitors have their lunch in one of the fine restaurants at the town center. In the past years up to the present, San Remo has been drawing big crowds. And they keep coming back for more.

- Konted

Pelicans arrive in one big group near the long bridge at San Remo.

Pelicans are ready for the daily feeding.

A pelican has a long beak and a large throat pouch. Pelicans can be seen all around Australia.

Pelicans are well behaved as they wait for the feeder.

A seagull tries to steal the thunder.

Busy taking photos

Crowd gathering around the pelicans

Feeder giving some pointers to visitors watching the feeding at San Remo

Looking for shells

At the jetty

Souvenir shot

*Pertinent details from the illustration board at San Remo's park


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