Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Buses In And Around Melbourne

Buses In And Around Melbourne

        While residents and travelers prefer the trains in going to places in and around Melbourne, train services are limited to certain points. From the train stations, buses take over. Bus stations are strategically located adjacent to the train stations. From there, commuters are transported to their various destinations or to their residences or to their work places by buses. There are about 350 bus routes with schedules and frequencies synchronized with those of the trains.

        Melbourne's tourism in particular and Victoria's holiday packages in general utilize tourist buses in transporting visitors to the city itself and to other tourist spots in the suburbs, inland towns and coastal villages. The double decker buses and the Melbourne Shuttle offer sightseeing tours of the city. For $20, one can see the city on board a double decker bus. For $5, he may opt to ride the Melbourne Shuttle. Both rides have more than 20 tourist destinations within the city. The tourist may hop off at any particular stop and then hop on again to continue his city tour. Tickets are valid for 24 hours.

       Bus tours to faraway places like The 12 Apostles, Phillip Island, Geelong and Queenscliff may be arranged through the Visitor Information Center at Federation Square or at any other Visitor Information Center at any town or city. People manning these centers are more than willing to help. There are free brochures given for specific places that travelers intend to visit.

        Looking at it, Victoria's transport system, with Melbourne as the center piece, is one of the most efficient in the whole world. Schedules and movements of trams, trains and buses are synchronized so that commuters are transported in the safest, fastest and most comfortable way. They leave on time, they arrive on time. With no hassle, no inconvenience whatsoever. That is their commitment.

- Konted

Melbourne Double Decker Bus offers sightseeing tour of the city. The double decker bus makes brief stops at more than 20 tourist spots within the city.

Bus fare is $20 which is valid for 24 hours. A tourist may hop on or hop off at any of the designated bus stops.

The Melbourne Shuttle tours the city and makes about 20 stops at interesting places within the city. There is a voice over that serves as guide.

Bus fare is $5 which is good for 24 hours. Tour of the city is approximately 1 and 1/2 hours.

Comfortable ride

Listening to the voice over

Another double decker bus

Kingstons Tour Bus is parked at Lonsdale St. waiting for booked passengers who have gone shopping

Transporting passengers to the Rod Laver Arena during the 2015 Australian Open.

The AAT Kings Luxury Coach passing by Federation Square in Melbourne City.

Premium Coach Tour of Gippsland. Package includes accommodation and meals. Bus is airconditioned.

The typical passenger bus servicing the suburbs of Melbourne. Bus shown in picture services route 461 which is from Watergardens Bus Station to Caroline Springs. The bus station is near the Watergardens Train Station

Good and courteous drivers of buses servicing the suburbs of Melbourne.

Typical bus stop in the suburbs


Bus schedule


Bus station at Watergardens

Sunbury bus reaches places such as Moonee Pond, Melbourne Airport, Canterbury Hills, etc.

Bus station of Sunbury

Bus Stop at Frankston City which is adjacent to Frankston Train Station.

Bus Station at Cranbourne

Night Rider bus provides service after midnight. It is a special trip.

Tour the city and beyond on board a Gray Line coach.

Forster coach parked at The 12 Apostles in Port Campbell, Victoria

Visit the 12 Apostles at Port Campbell on board a double decker Gray Line.

Another luxury coach

Train station officer announces a train service disruption.

Replacement buses are provided when there is a train service disruption.

Bus bound for Belgrave

Courteous driver

Bus service from Belgrave to Blackburn


Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Horse-Drawn Carriages Of Melbourne

The Horse-Drawn Carriages Of Melbourne

        Near the corner of Swanston Street and Flinders Street, at Melbourne's Central Business District, are parking slots reserved for horse-drawn carriages. Promenaders and mere passersby usually mill around these carriages which have become tourist attractions themselves. They pose and have their pictures taken.

       Though not as endowed as racehorses that compete in the prestigious Melbourne Cup and not as strong as Clydesdale work horses, the horses that pull the carriages are pretty enough to lure visitors to try these Melbourne carriage rides. With colorful feathers as decors, the horses are well-groomed and the carriages are well-maintained.

        For $100, the horse-drawn carriages can be hired for a one-half hour sight seeing tour of the city. For $200, you can extend it to one hour. Some of those holding the horses' reins are lady drivers. Sightseeing tour includes passing by picturesque places such as Queen Victoria Gardens, King's Domain, Royal Botanical Gardens, Shrine of Remembrance, Parliament, Old Treasury Building and other interesting places.

        There is one particular group, however, that is asking authorities to ban these horse-drawn carriages as the members consider the use of horses as cruelty to animals. But many do not agree. To the contrary, the horses are well kept, well fed and the activity does not require too much physical effort. It is not that strenuous. Meanwhile, Melbourne's horse-drawn carriages continue to rake in money as they remain as top tourist attractions. And, certainly, these pretty horses will continue galloping on the principal streets of the city in the years to come.

- Konted

A horse-drawn carriage waits for riders on Swanston St.

Well-groomed horses with colorful feathers as decors. Take note that carriage driver is a lady.

Fee for a 1/2  hour sightseeing tour of the city is $100; $200 for one hour.

Lady poses for a souvenir shot.

Waiting near St. Paul's Cathedral on Swanston St.

Appalloosa-like horses

Another lady driver

Well-maintained carriage and well-kept horses

With convertible roof

Horse-drawn carriage turns left on Swanston St. after a tour of the city.

Lady driver is in complete uniform.

Same lady driver is being interviewed by a news correspondent.

A passerby gently touches a tamed horse.

Parking slots on Swanston St. reserved for horse-drawn carriages

A family of five boarding a horse-drawn carriage. A carriage is allowed a maximum of six riders.

Lady driver firmly holds the horses' reins as horse-drawn carriage begins tour of the city.

With two drivers in complete attire, horse-drawn carriage crosses Princes Bridge.

Passing by Melbourne Town Hall

Coachman taking it easy as horse-drawn carriage passes by Melbourne Town Hall