Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sandringham By The Bay

Sandringham By The Bay

          I could hear the voice over: "This train will be terminating at Sandringham." Much as I wanted to go farther southeast, I could not do so. It was the end of the railway line. With my backpack, which contained the things I needed for the entire day, I stepped out of the train station. To my surprise, the station was right at the business center and a few blocks away from the beach road of Sandringham.

Sandringham Train Station

Stores across the train terminal

A coffee shop near the station

Newspaper and magazine outlet and Tatts Lotto station

Hiking, camping and the like are preferred activities in Australia.

Newly baked and fresh items sold here

Coles is everywhere.

Side street leading to the beach

         Sandringham is a suburb of Greater Melbourne. It is an old suburb established in the 1800s with the City of Bayside having territorial jurisdiction over it. Sandringham faces the famed Port Philip Bay. From the cliffs near the reserve, one gets a magnificent view of the bay, of sailboats and dinghies moving side by side on the sparkling waters, of the long coastline going south and of joggers, health buffs, promenaders and cyclists making their way through the bay trail and bike lanes. There are tables and benches for picnic goers.
Stunning view from the cliff

Wooden stairs leading to the foreshore

The Sandringham coastline as one looks southward.

The coastline when one looks northward

Fine sands of Sandringham Beach

 Viewing deck

Benches with a good view of Port Phillip Bay

The upper part of the drinking fountain is for joggers and promenaders while  the lower part is intended for pets.

The Bay Trail

The trail is sometimes sandy and sometimes paved.

From Sandringham, the bay trail extends to the neighboring villages.

My choice as stopover point

It is very near the ridge.

My prepared lunch

Another picnic area with a panoramic view of Port Phillip Bay

         Sandringham is also famous for the Sandringham Yacht Club. The marina can be viewed from the park and from the esplanade. Most of the sailing vessels docked there participate at prestigious racing events like the Hobart-Sydney race. And some have come out victorious. Next to the Trey Bit Reserve is the football field where members of the Sandringham Football Club show their wares.

The marina at Sandringham

Most yachts at Sandringham participate in prestigious events like the Hobart-Sydney Race.

The view from the Esplanade

Active Life Saving Club

The Sandringham Life Saving Club as viewed from a reserve. Members of the club help patrol the area.

A vantage point

A metal sculpture called The Wind Hacker

Farmers Market every 3rd Saturday of the month

Sandringham's football field

         It was hot that day with the temperature rising to 29 degrees. I took the bay trail and stopped upon seeing a jogger take a rest under a tree. I inquired about some of the fine features of Sandringham. He gave me some pointers and suggested that I visit the adjoining Hampton Beach. It was a long walk, making stops under the shade of Palm Trees. And upon seeing the arrow indicating a train station nearby, I crossed the street, took a narrow path leading to the inner part of the suburb and ended up at the red brick train station. I was back on familiar ground. No way for me to get lost, no way.
- Konted

Memorial to WWI & II heroes

The Band Rotunda where music was played in the good old days

Hotel across the beach

Cyclists pedaling their way around Port Phillip Bay

Friendly Sandringham resident giving me some pointers.

Restored vintage VW Kombi

The railway to  the city


Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Golden Sands Of Brighton Beach

The Golden Sands Of Brighton Beach

         It was bright and sunny that day. I wanted to be at a place far away from the city. With my backpack, I took platform #8 at Flinders Train Station and hopped onto the Metro train that would take me to Brighton Beach. 

          Near the window was a gorgeous lady in denim shorts that showed her slim suntanned legs. She was wearing a Ray Ban Classic Aviator. More passengers embarked as the train made brief stops at the villages of Windsor, Balaclava, Ripponlea, Elsternwick and Gardenvale. Finally the train stopped at Brighton Beach.

Train bound for Brighton Beach

Arriving at Brighton Beach Train Station

Heading towards the beach

          Brighton is a suburb of Greater Melbourne and is well known as the enclave of some of Melbourne's rich people. It is also famous for its long, sandy beach that starts at the Green Point area and extends to Brighton's colorful bathing boxes near Dendy Street. From the viewing deck, one sees able-bodied men doing windsurfing, sailing and water skiing. Others are sunbathing.

Fine golden sands at Brighton Beach

Wind surfing is a preferred activity at Brighton Beach

Basking in the sun

Surf boards being readied

Brighton Beach is a favorite destination of wind surfers.

           At the Green Point Reserve which has a commanding view of Port Philip Bay, there are tables and benches for visitors. There is a platform built by the Jaycees International with podiums showing Brighton Beach's brief history. 

           A monument dedicated to World War I heroes stands at Green Point Reserve. Norfolk Island Pines,Tea trees and other trees can be seen around the open field. Across Brighton Beach are houses with beachfront views.

Well maintained reserve at Brighton Beach

Walkway and bike lane at the reserve

Picnic area with a good view of the bay

Picnic goers at the reserve

Near the ridge

My backpack

WWI Memorial

Vintage cannon

Podium at Green Point which is a special project of the Jaycees International

Brief History of Brighton Beach

           There are drinking fountains in designated areas. There is a clean toilet with clean water near the foreshore. There are also lamp posts that make it a safe place at night. Bicycle lanes are provided for cyclists and they are well marked .

Bike lanes throughout Brighton Beach are well marked.

Safety signage

One of the many water fountains at Brighton Beach

Enough parking spaces at Brighton Beach

Viewing deck

Clean rest room

Souvenir shot

          It was time to go home. From the Esplanade, I crossed the street and walked in the direction of the train station. In a few minutes, the train from Sandringham bound for the city arrived. I took the seat near the aisle. As the train started to move, I drew out from my pocket a small bottle with fine golden sand. It was from Brighton Beach. At home, I have more small bottles of sand taken from beaches like St. Kilda, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, North Williamstown, Altona, San Remo, Lorne, Geelong and many more. They are my souvenir bottles.

- Konted

Train bound for the city proper

Smooth ride

Arriving at Melbourne Central Station