Thursday, 15 December 2016

Azalea in Baguio City

Azalea in Baguio City

        Fog was covering a wide area of Marcos Highway as we were negotiating the Sto. Tomas portion of the highway on our way to Baguio City. Visibility was poor and drivers were switching on their hazard lights. It was cloudy with intermittent drizzle and that was an indication that it would be a sunless day. It was cold, very cold.

         At Leonard Wood Road, near Teachers Camp, we turned left on a narrow, ascending street that opened up to a loop where there was still an abundance of tall pine trees, where vacation houses were made more beautiful by tropical plants and flowers, and where the scent of burning pine cone pervaded the air. Shades of the old Baguio. 

           One car parked by the side of the road had its windshield, back glass, windows and side mirrors covered by mist. To the left of the road was a four story structure with an eye-catching water fountain at its circular driveway. It was our picked lodging and as we disembarked from our Hi Ace van, courteous receptionists greeted us: Welcome to Azalea, sir, ma'am.

        Azalea Residences is a relatively new player in the hotel industry in Baguio City but this early, it has made its presence felt. Visitors may avail of suites with one or two comfortable bedrooms. With kitchen, dining area and other amenities, there is nothing more the finical guest can ask for. At the lobby is a bar lounge called 8 Degrees where one can exchange pleasantries with friends over a bottle of good wine.

         We were up by 7 a.m. the next day and made our way to Tradisyon Coffee Shop for that free breakfast buffet. Crispy bacon, omelette, fresh vegetable salad were irresistible items. Strawberry juice and lemonade were delightful. All in all, food served met our expectations and provided us with the much needed energy for our one day tour of Baguio's main attractions.

          Agyamanak ti dakkel, Sir Argie !!
- Konted

Azalea Residences at Leonard Wood Road near Teachers Camp

Beautiful fountain at Azalea Residences

Closer shot of the fountain

Early morning regrouping in front of the hotel

With our special guests from Melbourne

Breakfast buffet at Tradisyon Coffee Shop

Strawberry juice and lemonade

Crunchy bacon

Breakfast buffet at Tradisyon Coffee Shop

Bound for Camp John Hay

Good Shepherd Convent near Mines View Park

At Baguio Country Club

At Fort Del Pilar (PMA)

Stopover at a gas station along Marcos Highway