Friday, 26 October 2018

The Beauty Of Daranak

The Beauty Of Daranak

          In the stillness of the forest, one can hear water dropping abruptly from a rocky ledge as it cascades down to a plunge pool beneath. The mere sight of clean, clear emerald green waters where one can dip soothes the mind, soothes the nerves. From afar, the chirping of birds, particularly the Zebra Doves, Black-Naped Orioles and Hanging Parrots, can be heard. If such is within one's hearing range, then, for sure, the sounds of insects, notably the crickets, are a give away.

          Looking around, noticeable are tall trees that provide shade, the green tropical plants and the fragrant flowers with some sprouting from rocks. Truly, one sees an endless verdure, a gift from nature. Crossing a wooden bridge spanning two huge boulders, he sees bubbling waters moving past brown and gray rocks, persistent in reaching its destination.

          Daranak Falls, indeed, is a gem. Nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madre, Daranak is one of Tanay's top tourist attractions. It is the pride of Rizal Province. From the national road at Tandang Kutyo, the traveler takes a concrete feeder road and, in about 10 minutes, he is at the main entrance of Daranak Falls. No need to hike several kilometers of hazardous paths, no need to make balancing acts in crossing streams or brooks. Daranak Falls is only a few meters away from the road.

          But here's the rub. Because of Daranak's popularity and accessibility, hundreds, from near and far, motor to the place to unwind. It is overcrowded on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Every available space is occupied. The next best thing to do is visit Daranak on an ordinary day, not on a weekend. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is suggested. You have the place all to yourselves and you can better appreciate the beauty of Daranak. See you there !!

  -  Konted

Entrance to Daranak Falls

The footbridge that connects the main road to Daranak Falls

It is green all over Daranak

Height of Daranak Falls is 14 meters.

There is calmness at Daranak on weekdays.

. Balikbayan Rene Reyes of Victoria, Australia is stunned by the beauty of Daranak.

My souvenir shot

A baby waterfall

A black pig roaming at the parking lot

A rugged municipal jeep on standby for any eventuality. Daranak is managed by the Municipal Government of Tanay under Mayor Lito Tanjuatco..

Pretty lass Rachel has this to say: "I have been to Daranak many times before. My advice is for you to visit the place, not on a Saturday or Sunday, but on an ordinary day. It is not overcrowded."