Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Wonderful World

A Wonderful World

        It was still dawn when I woke up and took the wooden stairs down to the ground floor. It was too quiet as everyone else, I supposed, was still in deep sleep. Empty cans of San Mig Lite were strewn near the fire place.

        The window pane was misty and, like a child, I drew a swastika image. Not because I admire Hitler and the Nazis but that it was easy to draw. My reason was as simple as that.

       With just a little pull, the front door swung open. Light was beginning to appear in the sky. I could feel the cool, fresh mountain air. And there was this smell of burning pine cone. I could see anthuriums, golden candles, marguerite daisy flowers, birds of paradise, ferns, etc.

       Suddenly, I remembered the time when I was working at Hyatt Terraces Baguio. I was assigned at the graveyard shift. On the way home, driving through South Drive, I would step on the gas very lightly so as to be able to appreciate the beautiful and colorful flowers by the side of the road.

       One time I stopped to pick a white flower called Angel's Trumpet. It caught my fancy. It was a bell-shaped flower. But a man in checkered jacket, perhaps on his way home too, approached and warned me that the Angel's Trumpet I was holding was deadly. It could also induce scary hallucinations or euphoria, added the man. I immediately dropped it. The Angel's Trumpet was, after all, not that angelic.

       The sun was now out. A man was walking his golden retriever. Two pretty ladies, both garbed in Nike Pro black tights with matching core sweaters, were running at a steady, gentle pace. A blue guard, making his rounds, passed by and smiled. "Magandang umaga, kaibigan", I greeted. To which he responded: "Naimbag nga aldaw, Manong." I headed back to our assigned house. It's time for breakfast.

- Konted

Forest Cabin is inside Camp John Hay where tall Benguet Pines still abound.

This is the standard residential unit at Forest Cabin. While the units are privately owned and, sometimes, rented out, Forest Cabin is still managed by Camp John Hay Development Corporation. Ownership of a unit reverts back to CJHDC after 50 years.

At Forest Cabin, you breathe fresh, cool mountain air.

The living room

There is a fire place for cold nights.

Enjoying their conversation near the fire place

Functional kitchen

Yummy !

Typical room

Room with two beds

Comfortable bed

Shower with hot and cold water

My 2nd son Allen with daughter Kira and son Andre

As Allen still had to report for work, he took the Victory Liner Deluxe non-stop aircon bus. He arrived past 7pm.

Ladies' turn
Kristy with Andre and Kira

Kira Baby

Allen & Kristy

Forest Cabin is a tranquil place.

Marguerite Daisy Flowers

Take it easy while at Forest Cabin. Enjoy your stay.

Mini Golf near Forest Cabin

Photo taken in 1990 when my youngest son Albert was only one year old. This is near the Mini Golf playing area.

Baguio means strawberries.