Monday, 28 September 2015

Anvaya By The Sea

Anvaya By The Sea

          It was daybreak. Light was appearing in the sky. From the lagoon suite, I could see ducks moving silently and gracefully on the man-made lake. Several finches were tweeting while perched on tree branches. I could hear shoe screeches as two joggers made their way past Glenn Iris and Birds of Paradise. The rays of the morning sun had started to pierce through the leaves of the numerous trees at Anvaya Cove. It was a splendid Thursday Morning.

            So much has changed at Anvaya. There is now a world-class golf course. There is a gymnasium where guests can play basketball or volleyball or badminton. Next to it is a jacuzzi pool. Not far away is a playroom where friends can test each other's prowess in pingpong, billiards or computer games. Noise is kept to a minimum so as not to break the serenity of the place.

           It was sundown. From a vantage point near the pool, I could see such beautiful, daily and natural occurrence when daylight begins to fade. It was a sight to behold. Several men and women were wading in the clear waters of Anvaya. I stood up, walked the trail to the pickup point and took the golf cart ride to our Sparrow unit. It was only day one and I was beginning to enjoy every minute of what to me was paradise on earth. Yes, Anvaya Cove is paradise.

- Konted

Assigned Lagoon Suite at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club

The suites are across the lagoon at Anvaya.
Each unit is fully furnished.
Clean toilet with adequate supply of water

Toilet has a bathtub
View of the lagoon from the suite
Enjoying the view
Another souvenir shot

Only golf carts are allowed within the vicinity of the Lagoon Suites.

On their way to the Pavilion
Beautiful Birds of Paradise

Infinity pool at Anvaya Cove

Bird's eye view of the pool complex

Clean, clear waters of Anvaya Cove

Afternoon shot
Water Trikes

Library Lounge

At The Pavilion

In huddle

Anvaya Cove's Clubhouse sandwich

Bihon Noodles

Special Vegetable Salad

Risotto is an Italian dish

Walking is a good exercise for Tito Earnshaw, Angel Rovira. Rene and Ronald Gener.

Jacuzzi Pool

Anvaya's gymnasium

Multi-purpose gymnasium

Game room

Another restaurant near the gymnasium

Breakfast at The Pavilion

Angel & Jean, Tito & Rosemarie Earnshaw

Anvaya's new golf course

World class

All-weather golf course

At the clubhouse

The Three Aces of Guillermina

One last shot