Monday, 23 June 2014

Something Fishy At Mama Ting's

Something Fishy At Mama Ting's 

                    I was with the little dogs again, walking through the streets of Marikina City and threading erstwhile unknown, narrow alleys.  The tiniest one was pulling back as she wanted to take a different path.  What I did was to change direction.  I decided to cross the street.  Upon reaching the other side, I began to smell the aroma of fish being fried.  We were nearing Mama Ting's store famous for its Rellenong Bangus.  You see, this city is known not only for shoes but for good food as well.

                  Mama Ting's cooks the best Rellenong Bangus in the city. Rellenong Bangus is stuffed milkfish that is deep fried.  Mama Ting's has been specializing in this traditional food  for quite some time and its good reputation has spread far and wide. Mama Ting's is unrivaled when it comes to Rellenong Bangus.  No other else does it better than Mama Ting's.  And once you taste it, you crave for more.

                 The preparation and actual cooking of Rellenong Bangus can be a tedious process.  After selecting the desired size, the fish is pounded and the meat is separated from the skin.  The fish bones are taken out. Ingredients are added to the meat that is stuffed back and sewn.  Then it is fried until it is golden brown.  But the problem is you can't eat right there at Mama Ting's.  All orders are for take out only, no dine-in. But, wait, I forgot to tell you.  They also make delicious Everlasting which is similar in taste to the Embutido.

                I have always been telling the grandmother of my grandchildren that she does not need to take the trouble of going to the market to buy fish.  She does not have to debone that fish.  She does not have to scrape the meat from the skin using a spatula. She does not have to buy a large amount of cooking oil and deep fry the fish. Everything is time-consuming. All she has to do is to ride that old Japanese bike and take the narrow street that leads to the Big Church at the city proper.  Mama Ting's is very near the Big Church.  Near the Shoe Museum. And then buy the big Rellenong Bangus which is freshly cooked.  All she needs then is steaming white rice.  Nagugutom na naman ako.......

- Konted

Whether riding a bike or walking with the dogs, the walkway along the banks of the Marikina River is a short and safe way to the city proper.

The old house of Kapitan Moy who is regarded as the founder of the Marikina shoe industry. The house of Kapitan Moy along J.P. Rizal St. is only a few steps away from Mama Ting's store.

The Our Lady of the Abandoned Church at the city proper. Mama Ting's is only a few meters away from the church.

Whenever I pass by the Big Church, I dip my fingers into the stoup and sprinkle the Chihuahuas with holy water.

The Marikina Shoe Museum houses the countless pairs of shoes of Madame Imelda Marcos and other well-known personalities.  The Shoe Museum is near Mama Ting's store.  And Mama Ting's is just a bike ride away from any part of the city.

The little dogs take a rest in front of the Shoe Museum.

Mama Ting's store along J.P. Rizal Sta. Elena

Mama Ting's food counter

Varying prices for varying sizes

Mama Ting's cooking area.  You can watch from the counter while waiting for your order.

Menu board

Prices in tarpaulin

Jumbo Rellenong Bangus in standard wrapper

Deep fried till golden brown

Slicing the bangus in several portions is easy.

Super Jumbo Rellenong Bangus still in wrapper

Super Jumbo sells for P250.

The best in Marikina

The Everlasting tastes like the Embutido. It is a popular Marikina dish.
Leche Flan at P100

Boiled beef soup to go with the Rellenong Bangus

The three little dogs rest near the Our of Lourdes Grotto along the banks of the river.

Ashley with the three little dogs in front of Kapitan Moy's house